Sunday, 19 October 2014

Why we won’t fly four routes: ATCL

From The Citizen on Sunday, Dar es Salaam
By Veneranda Sumila

Dar es Salaam. Air Tanzania yesterday announced suspension of flights to four domestic destinations for six days as its aircraft goes for scheduled maintenance.

The airline is currently waiting for a leased CRJ-200 which is expected to jet into the country by next Tuesday to replace the bombardier aircraft which has been serving the domestic routes, according to a statement published yesterday.

The affected routes include Kigoma, Mwanza, Mtwara and Tabora.

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Sumatra: MV Victoria safe for operation

From The Citizen on Sunday, Dar es Salaam
By Emmanuel Chacha

MWANZA. MV Victoria that got technical faults while on its way from Bukoba to Mwanza last Friday night is safe to operate, the Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (Sumatra) has assured passengers.

The Lake Zone officer in charge for Sumatra, Mr Bahati Musiba, told The Citizen on Saturday that following the problem that caused the 54-year- old ship to delay its trip to Mwanza had thorough inspections done by Sumatra to make sure the ship was technically fit.

“On Friday [last week] night when the ship was leaving Bukoba Port the captain experienced some technical faults as its steering was not working and the radar was off. They made consultations with engineers and used emergency service that enabled them to arrive at Kemondo Bay.”

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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Nyerere defies Gaddafi’s 24-hour threat, captures Entebbe, Kampala

From The Citizen Daily, Dar es Salaam
By The Citizen Reporter

As the war continued with Tanzania troops heavily bombing Amin’s forces, Julius Kambarage Nyerere received an explicit threat from Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, which shocked him.

The 24-hour threat was delivered in Dar es Salaam by Libya’s ambassador to Tanzania.

In a note delivered to Nyerere by the Libyan ambassador to Tanzania, Gaddafi demanded that Tanzanian troops be out of Uganda within 24 hours. If this was not done, Gaddafi said, Libya would enter the war on the side of Uganda.

The authors say Nyerere was somewhat taken aback, since he knew that Libya had already entered the war at Lukaya. Nyerere responded by going public with Gaddafi’s threat.

In a nationwide radio broadcast Nyerere disclosed that Gaddafi had warned that the war might spread into Tanzania. “The war is about to take on new dimensions,” Nyerere said, but assured Tanzanians that neither Libyan threats nor actions could change Tanzania’s view of Idi Amin.

Four days later a Libyan TU-22 supersonic bomber took off from Nakasongola air base in Uganda on a mission to bomb the Tanzanian town of Mwanza.

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Confirmed: No Ebola case, death in Tanzania

From The Citizen Daily, Dar es Salaam
By Emmanuel Chacha

Mwanza. The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare has released the results of the samples sent to Nairobi to establish the cause of the controversial death of Bertha Boniphace (25) who was hospitalized at Geita District Hospital, Geita Region for what was highly rumoured in Geita town that she was suffering from Ebola fever.

The Medical Officer in-charge for Geita District Hospital Dr Adamu Sijaona, told The Citizen on Saturday yesterday that, the results from Nairobi showed that Bertha was not suffering from the Ebola virus, instead she was suffering from viral hemorrhagic fever (VHF).

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Revisit MV Victoria role following near disaster

From The Citizen Daily, Dar es Salaam
By The Citizen

MV Victoria, the biggest steamer that operates in the lake whose name it shares, is no longer the once majestic maritime transporter.

For relatively elderly people who saw the now nearly 53-year-old steamer when they were children and young adults, the cruiser approximates scrapyard material.

It is good news that the technical problem that arose in the steamer last Saturday night was detected not long after it had left Bukoba for the journey to Mwanza, and it was diverted to the nearby Kemondo Bay.

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Unregistered agencies to face ministry’s wrath

From The Citizen Daily, Dar es Salaam
By  Emmanuel Chacha

MWANZA. Ministry of Labour and Employment has vowed to take legal measures against recruitment agencies that have not complied with the ministry’s directive to officially register their companies.

The Labour and Employment minister, Ms Gaudencia Kabaka, said yesterday that all agencies were required to have been registered with the ministry as early as January of this year. However, she said that only 75 agencies had been registered to date while more than 90 agencies existed, noting that some were still operating illegally.

She made the remarks after meeting with management of SBC Company Ltd (Pepsi), Mwanza branch while deliberating on conflicts between casual labourers and Chasama Solutions Ltd, a recruitment agency, after the latter was accused of mistreating workers.

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Govt bans farming on city river banks

From The Citizen Daily, Dar es Salaam
By Saddam Sadick

MWANZA.The government has ordered people engaging in agriculture and other productive activities along Mirongo River to immediately stop to rescue the environment from the current state of deterioration.

The order was issued by the State minister in the Vice President’s Office (Environment), Mr Binilith Mahenge, when he toured the area recently.

During the tour, the minister witnessed the poor state of the environment caused by economic activities, including farming, undertaken nearby the river.

Mr Mahenge said activities carried out by farmers in areas adjacent to the river were polluting the environment.

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