Monday, 15 October 2007

Kenyan firm loses $5m to Tanzania and Uganda through counterfeits

From The EastAfrican, Nairobi, KENYA

The four fully loaded containers, worth $1.36 million, branded as transit cargo from Mombasa port to Mwanza in Tanzania, were impounded in Uganda after a co-ordinated investigation in the three East African countries.

The menace of counterfeits in East Africa came into sharp focus last week when it was revealed at a major international conference in Dar es Salaam that one of Kenya’s largest manufacturing firms may soon be forced to lay off up to half of its employees in the face of massive counterfeiting of its products in Uganda and Tanzania.

Haco Industries Ltd, which employees more than 600 workers, will have to trim its workforce down to 300 employees in the near future as shrinking sales in neighbouring countries are causing it to lose more than $5 million annually.

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