Saturday, 8 March 2008

Politicians must listen to the people

From Sunday Nation, Nairobi, Kenya

From the top of the hill housing the mv Bukoba disaster monument in Mwanza, Tanzania, the huge volcanic boulders overlooking the harbour stand in a sagacious pose over Lake Victoria - East Africa’s common denominator.

At the nearby New Mwanza Hotel, East African Community leaders, in a recent well attended retreat, ponder the fate of the region’s infrastructure.

The delegates spice their speeches with the now common mantra,“As recent events in Kenya have shown”, to the discomfiture of those from the country which, a few months ago, were boasting of peace and development.

After the post-election violence in Kenya and the long-drawn negotiations leading to the restoration of peace, the excitement is over and the hard work has begun. It is hoped that the political actors have listened to the people’s message and are acting accordingly.

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