Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Dentist to the rescue in Tanzania

From Sunderland Echo, Sunderland, UK
By Trevor Hoyland

Extracting teeth from more than 100 people was just part of a single day's work for a small team of volunteer dentists who went to Tanzania.

Martin Anderson was among one of two teams of six volunteer dentists who have just returned from a fortnight in the East African country helping to deal with a deluge of cases of dental decay.

Martin, 54, from the Wessington Way Dental Practice in Sunderland, went out with the charity Bridge2Aid, founded three years ago by a colleague from Sunderland, Ian Wilson, 43, and his wife Andie, whom he met in Tanzania.

He said: "Their base is at Mwanza, the second largest town in Tanzania, which is about the size of Houghton".


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