Thursday, 11 June 2009

Trader accused of asking for albino parts

From The Citizen, Dar es Salaam
By Bernard James, Shinyanga

A businessman was yesterday named as the customer who was to buy body parts chopped from an albino.

Mr Yusuf Ibrahim, of Arab extraction from Lamadi, Magu district in Mwanza, was to buy body parts chopped from an albino, it was alleged in court.

Former village executive officer at Nkwindwabiye village where the albino was brutally murdered, Mr Mayenga Matongo, 51, said this yesterday.

He told Justice Gadi Mjemas that the first accused, Mr Mboji Mawe, had told investigators that he and his co-accused were to sell the body part to the well-known businessman on his orders.

The shocking testimony emerged after a defence counsel, Mr Feran Kweka, asked the witness why the alleged "buyer" of a head and legs cut off from Lyaku Willy was not among the accused despite being named.


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