Thursday, 9 July 2009

New wave of albino killings a cause for concern

From ThisDay, Dar es Salaam

’’THOU shalt not kill’’ is not only a commandment God gave to Christians but humanity at large to an extent that societies worldwide respect the sanctity of life and have put mechanisms to preserve it.

It is shocking, however, that for weird reasons some social deviants thrive on killing others for various reasons including financial gains. In Tanzania for example, some people have resorted to killing fellow human beings simply because they have a different pigment. Albinos have been the main target of these people who in most cases act on the advice of traditional healers who demand human body parts for rituals.

It is unfortunate that for this and other reasons, albino killings are resurfacing again. The social anomaly is fast rearing its ugly head to an extent that no day passes without media reporting on fresh albino killings. In other words, our media are now awash with the resurfaced albino killing stories.

Recent reports from Mwanza that a decapitated body of an albino was found in a cave are not only shocking but inhumane. The incident occurred at Kishiri-Igoma area in Mwanza where the deceased, Jesca Charles (28), was killed by unidentified people who chopped off her legs and arms before dumping her body in a cave.


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