Monday, 17 August 2009

Jobs at risk as fish stocks fall

From East African Business Week, Nairobi, KENYA

MWANZA, TANZANIA Over 21,000 employees in various fish processing plants and around Lake Victoria may soon lose their jobs because of the decline of Nile Perch stocks.

This was revealed by Meshaki Mpanda, a researcher from the non-governmental organization Health and Environment Journalists.

Lake Victoria which has an area of 26,830 square had one million tonnes of Nile Perch fish in 2000, but a current report by Tanzania Fishery Research Institute (TAFIRI) shows that by the year 2008, there were only 252,000 tonnes of Nile Perch fish, about 75 per cent decrease.

The report released in February this year by TAFIRI indicates that there is an increase of tonnage for Nile Perch fish by 30 percent which indicates the current tonage of Nile Perch fish in the lake is 362,00.

A statement released by Mwanza Regional Fisheries Officer, Angelous Mahatane, says the decline of Nile Perch fish in Lake Victoria is caused by illegal and indiscriminate fishing.

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