Monday, 14 September 2009

Canadian group vows to fight Tanzania albino murders

From Network, Ontario, Canada
By George Obulutsa, Reuters

A Canadian rights group says it will not rest until there is an end to the murder of albinos in Tanzania - a minority often hunted down for their body parts to be used in witchcraft.

Since 2007 at least 53 albinos have been killed in various parts of the east African nation, with most incidents occurring in the remote northwest regions of Shinyanga and Mwanza, where superstition is deep-seated.

"We will not rest and we will not silence our voice until every single one of those 53 victims has received the vindication due to them ... We will not rest until albinos can walk safely in this country," - Peter Ash, founder and director of Under The Same Sun, told Reuters in an interview.

Picture text: Peter Ash, founder of the non-profit organization Under the Same Sun meets a little girl with albinism in the Mwanza region of Tanzania where the majority of the murders have occurred in this October 2008 handout photo.
Photograph by: Handout, Rick Guidotti/Positive Exposure


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