Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Development of the central corridor route to the sea

From The Independent, Kampala, Uganda

Uganda depends for over 90% of its seaborne (import/export) traffic transport on the Northern Corridor that is through the Port of Mombasa. Less than 1% of her seaborne traffic volumes are through the Port of Dar es Salaam. This over dependency on the Northern Corridor makes the Country’s trade vulnerable to the socio-economic environment in Kenya, the route monopoly and the transport logistic limitations. The Government policy is therefore to strengthen the use of Central Corridor as a second route to the sea and mitigate such undesirable effects to the economy.

The Central Corridor Route comprises: The Rail/Marine/Rail: Kampala - Port Bell/Mwanza - Dar es Salaam Route 1229 km. Rail/Marine/Road: Kampala -Port Bell - Mwanza/Dar es Salaam route 1503 km.
All Road Kampala: Mutukula - Bukoba - Isaka - Dodoma - Dar es Salaam 2012 km. New Rail/Marine/rail - Kampala - Port Bell - Musoma - Arusha - Tanga.
New Road/Rail/Marine/Rail or Road Kampala - New Park - Mwanza - Dar es Salaam 1235 km to be developed.

The most feasible alternative route to Dar es Salaam is therefore via Lake Victoria to Mwanza connecting by rail or road to Dar es Salaam.


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