Monday, 18 January 2010

Armed gangsters kill 16 in night of terror

From The Citizen Daily, Dar es Salaam
By Jovither Kaijage, Ukerewe, and Ahmed Makongo, Bunda

Gangsters killed at least 16 people in an orgy of violence in Mwanza and Mara region on Saturday.

Police confirmed yesterday that robbers shot dead 14 people and injured 17 others in Ukerewe District in Mwanza Region on Saturday, while an armed gang killed two guards in Bunda District, Mara Region.

Ukerewe District Commissioner Queen Mlozi said two suspected robbers were also killed during an abortive raid on an islet in Lake Victoria.

Reports from Mwanza said yesterday that the regional Peace and Security Council, headed by regional commissioner Abbas Kandoro, was travelling to the district

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