Friday, 25 June 2010

Assess the need for more oversight bodies

From The Citizen Daily, Dar es Salaam

One of the major issues raised by several MPs during the ongoing Budget debate in the National Assembly in Dodoma, is the apparent high number of state agencies, executive authorities and parastatals in the country.

The MPs are alarmed about the continued creation of these bodies and want the practice checked. They are worried that the organisations are becoming a big burden to the taxpayer, when weighed against the purpose for which they are being established.

Former Cabinet minister Antony Diallo went as far as warning that the dabbling of such agencies in political matters could undermine democracy. According to him, some of the organisations are in conflict with elected leaders, whom they have locked out of the execution of development programmes in their own areas.

While the government has yet to respond to the MPs’ concerns, more executive agencies are being established. The minister in charge of public service management, Ms Hawa Ghasia, launched two new ones on Wednesday in Mwanza, as part of the celebration of the Public Service Management Week. The new bodies are the Tanzania Mineral Audit Agency and the Water Development and Management Institute.

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