Monday, 12 July 2010

Tan Trade eyes Mwanza for another trade solo

From The Guardian on Sunday, Dar es Salaam
By Guardian on Sunday Correspondent

After kidnapping Kham Kakama, Godwin Tumusime called the baby’s father Sven Karikaho and demanded for a ransom of Sh1m through mobile phone money transfer. It turns out that this is a growing trend in East Africa, which has particularly rocked the Kenyan capital Nairobi in recent weeks.

Typically, the kidnappers take a person hostage and then demand for ransom money through the mobile phone money transfer system, which makes it easy for them to evade arrest.

Three weeks ago the Kenyan police unearthed a gang that had kidnapped and killed a three-year-old boy and then took ransom money from the father, who was unaware that his son was dead.

One of them had received the money through mobile phone money transfer, and was tracked down through his phone number. A watchman alleged to be one of the criminals led police to the bush where the body was found.

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