Sunday, 22 August 2010

My newest friend had me on sale

From The Nation, Nairobi, KENYA

Robinson Mukhwana met Nathan Mutei three weeks ago, with no idea that his newest friend was a man with a fishy past and on the run from Tanzanian authorities.

To him, Mutei simply represented a path to an unexplored world of richness in a foreign country.

The thought of what he could do with all the money he would earn as a truck turn boy in Tanzania almost seemed obscene, for Mr Mukhwana, who until his sojourn in Tanzania was a watchman, is not used to the comforts that money brings.

“I thought he was a friend concerned about my future,” he said on Sunday.

Indeed, Mutei was concerned, but not about the well-being of his newly acquired friend.

If all went according to plan, he would be a millionaire in less than a week. All he needed to do was establish contact with a Tanzanian juju man.

He had held several informal jobs in various Tanzanian towns and this was not hard to do.

Interviews by Sunday Nation detail his journey to hell and back.

While still in Kitale, Mr Mutei managed to activate a contact in Mwanza. The initial deal was for Mr Mutei to supply this juju man with bones from an albino’s grave.

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