Tuesday, 8 February 2011

NEW restaurant in town: Binti Maringo Restaurant

Binti Maringo Restaurant is located on the grounds of Kuleana Street Children Centre (Balewa Road) in Mwanza.

Binti Maringo services include:

All day breakfast and lunch
Business take away delivery - including sandwiches, jacket potatoes, salads + pizzas
Business menus
Promotional Nights every two weeks, hosting different delicacies from around the world
Fresh bread, cake + biscuit orders
Local menu

We take pride in making our prices affordable for all, and in doing so, we attract a wide range of customers to our growing business.

About Benti
Here at Binti's we aim to cover the monthly outgoings the Centre incurs, such as water and electricity bills and staff salaries. Once these are covered, we then donate 75% of our profit to the Kuleana with 25% going back into the restaurant.

Binti's also helps raise awareness of the issues for children's rights and advertises the work of our NGO (Caretakers of the Environment) to increase awareness of the ongoing issues facing street children and their families. Furthermore, we employ residents of the Centre along with employees from struggling or difficult backgrounds, who are given supported opportunities to learn basic business management, gain work experience, and also to earn a catering qualification while being supported through their education.

Kuleana Street Children Centre aims to reintegrate street children back to their families while providing basic support - such as food, shelter, medical, education. Once these children have returned home, the Centre offers ongoing support. Binti Maringo's provides a sustainable income for this cause as well as valuable life experience for the children at the Centre.

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