Monday, 10 November 2014

A night at the Speke Bay Lodge

From The Citizen Daily, Dar es Salaam
By Elisha Mayallah

Speke Bay Lodge (Photo by: Hans Kristoffersen) 
We recently passed through the southeastern shore of Lake Victoria to explore all the alluring locations and facilities. There was just one spot on our list of places to go to that we had heard much about. This place was touted as a must go to place where many visitors in need of where to stay or break the journey, are said to visit. This is no other than the Speke Bay Lodge.

So we veered off the Musoma - Mwanza highway to find the Speke Bay Lodge, one of those better-known spots situated on Lake Victoria.

We didn’t have any expectations. What we’d seen in a write-up looked good, but as we’d learned in the week of travelling through the Lake Zone, someone else’s ideas and experiences are often vastly different from your own.

Sunset at Speke Bay (Photo by: Hans Kristoffersen)
Aside from wanting to visit the Speke Bay Lodge, I had stumbled upon some enticing photos of the lodge. Based on those pictures alone, I thought that there was no way we could miss such a destination, regardless of the fact that it was only one of two reasons we would drive off the highway.

Yet, just as we arrived, Mr Elirehema Maturo from the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) proclaimed that this may be his best place so far to bring his family during the end-of-the-year holidays. On hand to meet us was Mr Jan Scholing, the manager.

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