Monday, 2 February 2015

Almost 5000 Mwanza small traders refuse to pay levies

From IPP Media/The Guardian, Dar es Salaam
By Corresponent

A total of 4,800 small and medium entrepreneurs who operate at major markets in the city centre have threatened not to pay levies to the Nyamagana District authority if their demands are not met by today.

Announcing the decision over the weekend the Chairman of the Society of Market Traders Justin Sagara said following discussions with the management and representatives of the traders it was decided that there is no point of paying 960,000/- per day while the municipality has failed to even put up toilets and other facilities for them.

Each of the entrepreneurs pay 200/- to be allowed to do business at the markets and local auctions located at Buhongwa, Milongo, Mkolani, Sabasaba, Mkuyuni, Kitangiri, Kirumba Magomeni, Nyakato National, Igoma within Nyamagana and Ilemela Districts.

Some of the traders go to the other five districts monthly for auction.The five districts are Ukerewe, Misungwi, Kwimba, Sengerema and Magu.

Sagara said they have for a long time been asking, particularly, Nyamagana District authorities to construct lavatories in areas where the City Council has allocated for the traders but to no avail.
He wonders why the municipality cares less for the genuine needs despite the fact that it Nyamagana ollects revenues from the traders, millions of shillings.

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