Sunday, 15 November 2015

Mwanza outlines plans to contain cholera

From Daily News, Dar es Salaam

MWANZA City administration has outlined strategies to contain outbreak and spread of cholera. The strategy will engage all city workers who will provide public education on the nature, causes and how the disease is spread.

The strategy is the result of the action taken by the District Commissioner (DC) of Nyamagana, Mr Baraka Konisaga and the Mwanza City Director, Mr Adam Mgoyi, who on Friday convened a meeting involving ward executive officers, healthy officers and community development officers from all 18 wards of Nyamagana District.

“I have called you here in this meeting, so as to give you the government directives on strategy to combat cholera. You must supervise and work tirelessly in promoting hygiene,” Mr Konisaga said.

He urged the workers to be careful with the disease claiming that it may cause the city to spend a lot of money on treatment of the disease. “Prevention is better than cure. Tell the residents to take care and heed instructions of health professionals and urge them to cooperate with them. cholera is dangerous disease,” he explained.

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