Thursday, 25 May 2017

Ebola advisory: No handshakes, please, you’re in Mwanza

From Daily News, Dar es Salaam

AN alert on the deadly Ebola disease is sweeping across Mwanza Region as residents here are cautioned to check the movements of visitors from the DR Congo.

The ‘advisory’ now making the rounds was issued Mwanza Regional Commissioner (RC) John Mongela yesterday during a stakeholders meeting called strategically to brainstorm and chart out measures the region could in case of an outbreak.

The City of Mwanza and its environs receives many visitors from across the Great Lakes Region, with at least 100 fish traders alone coming into Mwanza every day – invariably all of them from the DRC where four people are reported to have died from Ebola and 37 others infected lately.

Mr Mongela says even though his officials were yet to report any Ebola cases or suspect, the authorities had “reason to start taking precautionary measures due to its proximity with DRC.”

Our region is not spared when it comes to threats of Ebola due to a number of factors … such as migrations of people from our neighbours in the DRC being the main factor.

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