Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Fake goods destroyed in Tanzania

From East African Business Week, Dar es Salaam

Counterfeit imports worth US$ 12,000 were destroyed in Dar es Salaam last week

They were destroyed by the Fair Competition Commission (FCC) at Kinyamwezi rubbish dump after being intercepted at Dar es Salaam Port.

The imports comprised extension cables, radios, oil and air filters and mobile phone accessories.

They had been imported by three firms: King Crown Import and Export Limited, Mwanza Iward and Habas Magreth, and Haji Mwajuma Ibrahim.

The destruction was overseen by FCC staff, the police and media personnel.

The FCC Legal Officer, Laiton Mhesa, who supervised the torching of the imports said the three importers were also fined TShs5 million (around $4600) and paid for the cost of destruction in accordance with the Merchant Marks Act of 1963. The importers lost their goods after they had paid import duty as well.


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