Tuesday, 3 November 2009

High court sentences for to death over murder of albino

From The Citizen Daily, Dar es Salaam

By Herman Meza, Shinyanga
The High Court of Tanzania Shinyanga yesterday sentenced to death four residents of Bariadi district after convicting them of first degree murder of a 50-year old albino.

The four suspects were Mboje Mawe, 49, Nchenyenye Kishiwa, 65, Sayi Gamaya, 48, and Sayi mafizi, 33. They were found guilty of murdering Lyaku Willy at Kidamlinda River situated at Nkindabiye village between November and December last year.
Reading the four-hour judgement in a packed courtroom, Justice Gadi Mjemas, said the evidence given at the court had proven beyond doubt that the convicts had murdered the melanin deficient person, who was also mentally retarded.

Amongst 14 key witnesses on the prosecution side led by state attorney Edwin Kakolaki from Mwanza City included the Government Chief Chemist; police officers; sub-village, village and ward executive officers and Mwaubingi ward councilor.

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