Friday, 6 November 2009

Red Cross moves to address humanitarian aftermath of albino killings

From Reuters, London, UK
By Alex Wynter in Dar es Salaam and Stella Marealla Masonu in Kasulu, Tanzania

It was the news all Tanzania had dreaded - especially the country's albinos and their families, supporters, neighbours and friends who live near the Great Lakes of Victoria and Tanganyika.

After a three-month hiatus in the occult-based killings in the north-west, hunters seized a ten-year-old albino boy, Gasper Elikana, in the Geita district of Mwanza region last month and hacked him to death in front of his black father and neighbours, who had risked their lives to try to save him.

The men fled with Gasper's severed leg having first beheaded him to stop him screaming.

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