Sunday, 31 July 2011

Gas route: Tanzania favours Mwanza

From East African Business Week, Nairobi, KENYA

CHANCES of extending the gas pipeline from Dar es Salaam Mombasa look very slim after realisation by the Tanzania government that it would be more beneficial to construct a pipeline to the Lake Zone area through the Central Corridor.

According to senior government officials who are privy to the process, the Government wants to have the pipeline through Dodoma, Singida and other regions to run up to Mwanza built before any plans to extend it to Mombasa are taken on board.

"Local experts have convinced the government that it would be more advantageous to have the gas pipeline built through the Central Corridor than one that runs from Dar es Salaam through Tanga to Mombasa," said one of the officials who attended last months Sectoral Council on Energy meeting.

The official further said that even though the study for Dar es Salaam-Tanga-Mombasa pipeline was done whereby it showed the project was viable "the study noted that Dar es Salaam, from where Mombasa was to be connected, was having gas constraints but they still recommended the project was economically justified."

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