Tuesday, 29 July 2008

EDITORIAL: Albino killings must stop forthwith!

From This Day, Dar es Salaam

WE are saddened and angered by reports that yet another person with albinism was attacked and killed by unknown people in his home in a remote Lake Victoria village last week on witchcraft beliefs. The killing takes to 26 the number of albinos killed in the country in less than a year.

Police in Mwanza say the attackers reportedly severed the man’s right foot and genitalia, and his wife 'also an albino' was also injured as she tried to save her dear husband.

Following this spate of indiscreet killing of their colleagues in recent months in various parts of the country, there is reported fear now in the albino community. And this fear in the Albino community is justified given the nature of the killings.

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