Friday, 11 July 2008

From Daily News, Dar es Salaam

Some residents in Mwanza City have inadvertently exhumed the bodies at Kitangiri cemetery here, in the course of burying their own dead. Such ‘horrifying scenes’ are now becoming common at the cemetery, which is located on the fringes of the city, a clear signal that the burial site is completely full.

Responding to an enquiry from the 'Daily News', which sought the City Council's lasting solution to the problem, a health officer in-charge, Mr Danford Kamenya, acknowledged the prevalence of the problem.

"Despite the cemetery’s closure three years ago, it is true that some residents in Kitangiri area, Kirumba, Kilimahewa, Kiloleli, Nyamanoro and Mkudi keep burying their dead there, sometimes haphazardly, out of ignorance on the ban", he said.

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