Sunday, 27 July 2008

Where does this money go?

From Daily News, Dar es Salaam
By Tony Zakaria

DID you hear the latest? Dar es Salaam city collects five billion shillings per month from taxes and other sources of own funds. That is five million dollars per month and is not chicken feed. The city is rich. After all, this city has 10 per cent of the national population and uses up about 40 per cent of the national electricity. Business is booming and about 30 per cent of the national business is in this harbour of peace.

Let us add Mwanza, Mbeya, Arusha and Tanga to the equation. These local mega towns must be flush with cash too. They have substantial populations and a construction industry that has thrived beyond expectations since the demise of the father of the nation eight or so years ago. How much money have these cities collected in the last 10 years? Was that money put to the best use for the development of 'wananchi' or did some of it disappear into unauthorised pockets of 'wenye nchi'?

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