Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Govt to build over 9000 houses for prison staff

From IPP Media/The Guardian, Dar es Salaam
By Getrude Mbago

The government has announced plans to build over 9,000 houses for prison staff to address the
The Minister for Home Affairs, Charles Kitwanga
shortage of housing that they face.

The project will be rolled out across four regions of Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Dodoma and Mwanza and is expected to start early next year detailed Home Affairs Minister Charles Kitwanga (photo). He said the government is keen to address all challenges facing the prison force.

“We have already signed a contract with Poly Technologies Company, a Chinese company to implement the project,” he added.

"Prison workers should rest assured...they will all have good accommodation...we will implement the project in all other regions as well,” he pledged. “It is very important to make sure prison staff reside in good houses for them to work in diligently,” he went on to say.

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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Police push to curb drunken driving in Mwanza Region

From Daily News, Dar es Salaam
By DAILY NEWS Reporter

THE Police Force in Mwanza Region has pledged to work with other stakeholders to sensitize drivers on the importance of avoiding drunken driving especially during this festive season.

The Head of Traffic in Mwanza, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Mohamed Likwata, said during a seminar organized by Serengeti Breweries Limited (SBL), that drunken driving was one of the major causes of road accidents.

The SBL training seminar is run under the theme: ‘Friends, Don’t let Friends Drink and Drive’ and ‘Taking a Drink? Let someone Take the Key’.