Thursday, 31 March 2016

Mwanza Airport expansion, new ship on state ‘to do’ list

From Daily News, Dar es Salaam

PRESIDENT John Magufuli has revived new hopes for the Lake Zone regions as he pledged the purchase of a new passenger ship and expansion of the Mwanza Airport.

The two projects have been long awaited for years to become a reality with the Head of State saying special budgets will be allocated this financial year for their full implementation. Addressing a section of city residents and government leaders who turned up to welcome him here yesterday, Dr Magufuli said the projects are now set for completion as promised.

“This is not my official visit; but let me take this opportunity to say something about the two projects. We will allocate the budget enough to cater for the two,” he pledged.

Dr Magufuli was on transit to his home town of Chato in Geita Region for a brief vacation, the first since he was elected president last November.

Looking jubilant as he jetted in for the first time as head of state, the president recalled the intense campaigns carried out for him and the CCM, saying it was now time for serious work.

He pointed out that his election victory meant working tirelessly to bring about development to all the people regardless of their political affiliations.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Mwanza RC in tough stance against abuse of office

From Daily News, Dar es Salaam

THE new Mwanza Regional Commissioner Mr John Mongela has announced tough actions against civil servants here as he warned against business as usual tradition in serving the people and abuse of office while calling for serious work.

Speaking as he was introduced yesterday, Mr Mongela (photo) who moved from Kagera Region in the same capacity said he had come into the region with special directives from President John Magufuli and asked all the leaders to comply otherwise they will find themselves in hot soup.

He delivered a message on the urgent need for the government officers both at the Regional Secretariat and the Local Governments to change their work attitudes and serve to the expectation of the public who had built negative image in the public servants.

“I have come here to ensure proper coordination of the government functions and I trust a huge team behind me will be doing the same. Our target should focus on ensuring not only maximum security but also true development of our people,” he said.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Mwanza residents advised on methods to combat cholera

From Daily News on Sunday, Dar es Salaam

THE Ilemela District authority has reiterated the need for Mwanza residents to continue maintaining a clean environment in order to combat cholera that continues to threaten the community in many areas.

Speaking during the official opening of a two day monitoring committee meeting at Buzuruga health centre yesterday, the Ilemela District Commissioner, Mr Manju Msabya said that residents in Mwanza have to be proactive to combat cholera.

“Cholera has been recorded in Mwanza so people must change and take steps to control it, otherwise things will move from bad to worse and lives might be lost,” said Mr Msabya.

He said that there is no district in Mwanza that is safe, so the best thing to be done is to control it to the maximum through efforts by all the residents in the region. He insisted that residents should concentrate on cleaning efforts of their environment, which in turn will restore the reputation of the region which for several years has been leading in terms of cleanliness.