Friday, 19 January 2018

Mwanza woman knocks speeding plane, dies

From Daily News, Dar es Salaam

A WOMAN aged between 25-30 years, whose name was not immediately obtained, died after knocking an aircraft while it was taking off from Mwanza Airport heading for Dar es Salaam, at around 9pm on Wednesday.

Confirming the incident to the ‘Daily News’ yesterday, the Acting Director General of the Tanzania Airport Authority (TAA), Mr Richard Mayongela, said the accident occurred as the woman suddenly invaded the runway from the western side of the airport.

According to Mr Mayongela, the side which the victim used to trespass was not fenced, making it easier for her to approach the runaway only to meet her death as the FastJet aircraft was also gaining momentum, ready to fly.

“We are not in the good picture to ascertain what prompted the now deceased to enter the runway, but our experts are still working on the whole matter as we are speaking now,” he said.

The DG, however, said all the precautions that are observed when aircrafts land and take-off, including inspection of all crucial parts of the airport such as runways, were taken accordingly.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Mwanza to fight illegal fishermen

From Daily News, Dar es Salaam

MWANZA Region has outlined various strategies for the year 2018. Fighting illegal fishing and narcotic drugs come on top of the list with reports indicating that the two vices are recurring in some areas.

The Regional Consultative Council (RCC) that met last week under the chairmanship of the Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr John Mongela, was told of massive incidents of illegal fishing that are going on despite control measures by security organs.
Reporting the incidences of rampant illegal fishing, the Sengerema District Commissioner (DC), Mr Emmanuel Kipole, called for a stiffer regional coordination in fighting the culprits who appear to be influential and well equipped.

He said that he had official reports that almost half of the fish bought by the fish processing plants in Mwanza are substandard and fished illegally using illegal fishing gear - a situation that is dangerous to health. The DC said he had implemented several actions against the practice, but tricky culprits easily sneak to other parts of the region.

MV Umoja now operates to Port Bell from Mwanza

From Daily News, Dar es Salaam

THE Marine Service Company Limited (MSCL) has launched trips to Port Bell Uganda by using its cargo ship ‘MV Umoja’, the ‘Daily News’ has learnt. MV Umoja made its first trip to Port Bell in Uganda on December 23, 2017.

According to the company Acting General Manager, Mr Eric Hamissi MV Umoja carried 1,200 tonnes of cement from Mwanza to Uganda. He said the launching of Mwanza-Port Bell route basically creates a great opportunity for traders in two countries to operate profitable business since water transport was cheaper compared to other means.
He said MV Umoja, which ‘wagon ferry’ designed is capable to carry up to 22 wagons at once. “This is a special ship for carrying cargoes, which are already loaded in wagons, it has a railway-line within, thus when it docks at Port Bell, the train engine pulls the wagons out direct to the next destination,” he said.
However, Mr Hamissi said since the railway line from Port Bell to Kampala is currently out of use, MV Umoja has been forced to carry loose cargo to Uganda. “Last year when President John Magufuli visited Uganda, he agreed with President Yoweri Museven to rehabilitate Port Bell-Kampala railway line, therefore upon the completion of the rehabilitation, we will be able to carry cargoes in wagon as planned since then,” he noted.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Armyworms overrun farms within Lake Zone

From Daily News, Dar es Salaam

THE government has reported an invasion of a dangerous crop killer worms that have since destroyed some farms around the country.

Announcing the presence of pests known as Fall Army Worm or Maize Leaf worm and measures to contain them, the Minister for Agriculture, Dr Charles Tizeba said here at the weekend that all the regions, in particular the Lake Zone, should take immediate measures to eradicate the vermin.

He cited the areas already affected as Kakonko district in Kigoma region and Biharamulo and Muleba districts in Kagera region as well as others in Mwanza region.
“This worm is reported to originate from Southern Africa … particularly Zambia and is well known for its attacks on beans, maize and even cotton. I urge all the regions to take measures as soon as possible,” he said.