Monday, 11 August 2008

Enjoying our tourist attractions

From IPP Media, Dar es Salaam
By Peter Temu

Last Monday, we had a brief account of Tanzania`s tourist attractions.

In this presentation, we shall discuss how we can enable tourists, local as well as foreign, to enjoy those attractions.

The mention of local tourists should not raise eyebrows. Some people think, mistakenly, that a tourist is invariably a foreigner.

In fact tourism, like charity, begins at home. Each year, for example, more Americans visit the Grand Canyon, or Niagara Falls, or Las Vegas than do foreign nationals; just like the largest number of visitors to the Riviera and the Mediterranean coast are not Asians or Americans, but the Europeans themselves.

If domestic tourism in an African country like Tanzania seems insignificant, the reason is perfectly understandable.

At our present stage of development, tourism is still regarded by many as a luxury that we cannot afford.

Travel for pleasure and recreation is not for people who can hardly make ends meet.

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