Monday, 11 August 2008

Fly540 airline sets eyes on Mwanza

From Daily Monitor, Kampala, Uganda
By Walter Wafula

As the race to capture African skies by several regional airlines moves into higher gear, Fly540, a promising East African airline, is positioning itself to take on the continent’s established airlines. Fly540 is a Kenya-based airline which became the third operator on the Entebbe-Nairobi route in February.

The carrier kicked off with low-cost flights compared to Kenya Airways and Air Uganda, which plied the route prior to its entry. Now, Fly 540 is promising to extend services, to other African regions with an ambition to become Africa’s first budget airline.

Ms Jackie Arkle, the marketing manager, told Business Power in interview recently that Fly540 under the 530 Aviation trade mark is working towards becoming the first low-cost airline serving Africa.

The airline has started off by spreading its wings to cover Uganda, after establishing a nationwide presence in Kenya and will spread them further, to Tanzania. The Northern town of Mwanza will be its first destination, in Tanzania opening a low-cost carrier for tourists and businesspeople travelling between Kenya and Tanzania.

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