Saturday, 26 May 2007

Beware! Hoodlums mislead children

From Daily News, Dar es Salaam

Mind That Child:

A MEMBER of Parliament, Ms Amina Chifupa, railed in the National Assembly a few months ago that more and more young people were indulging in narcotic drug abuse and that the practice was wrecking their lives. She said drug addicts were now a societal menace.

The legislator said the society had a duty to stem the rot. It is the drug barons who should be stopped in their tracks if the vice is to be stemmed, she said. She said apprehending and jailing small-time drug peddlers was proper but this would never end the problem.

Apart from stoning on narcotic drugs, children are sent by the kingpins of the diabolical trade on peddling errands. They are called “red herrings” in the parlance of the underworld. Children look na├»ve, so their help comes handy to drug barons. They are also not easily suspected by police.

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